Having participated for years in the chamber choir Cuerdos Vocales, María Cabral and Marco Grancelli find each other to have established a great mutual musical affinity, whichlead them on to their current group, Aguamadera. Under their leadership the band keeps shaping and developing, throuh the collaboration of various musicians, recording sessions and live shows featuring instruments such as viola, concert flute, charango, alto saxophone,Llanero harp, maracas and Brazilian drums, among others. Always on the look out for an identity of its own, the group arrangements and compositions aim at leaving their own mark without overlooking the traditional root of the genre they embrace 

Marco Grancelli

Photo de Marco

Marco Grancelli lead singing, vocals, guitar, venezuelan cuatro and musical production.
Born in Buenos Aires, child of a cultural journalist and an instruments seller Marco was raised in an artistic environment where professional musicians regularly passed by. He started playing guitar when he was 11 years old and was working as a professional musician by the age of 18. He took lessons of Brazilian percussion, vocal technique, music theory, as well as of various instruments such as the venezuelan cuatro and the mandolin. He also worked as an arranger and conductor in different music groups. These experiencies made him a polyvalent producer in south american folkloric music. In recent years he took part in the choirCuerdos vocales singing as a tenor and also conducted a group of brazillian samba called Sambeleza. 

María Cabral

Photo de María

María Cabral lead singing,vocals, venezuelan cuatro and maracas.
Born in Posadas (Misiones province, Argentina), she starts her music studies at the age of 8 with piano lessons. After some years she takes singing lessons and right after she becomes part of the Children Choir of the National University of Misiones. After that she continues her studies with different teachers. Her curiosity leads her to learn other instruments like guitar, venezuelan cuatro, maracas and also music theory. Simultaneously, she starts studying Pshycology at the Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires, but decided to follow a different path and graduates as a Music Therapist in the same renowned institution. In the last few years she participated in various projects: she was a member in a duo of composers, called Hadzicabral, she sang as a soprano for Cuerdos Vocales, a choir devoted to agentinian folclor, and La Ceiba, where she is working at present.